3 Easy Iced Coffee Recipes – The Best Espresso Machine Under 200

3 Easy Iced Coffee Recipes – The Best Espresso Machine Under 200

The days are getting colder which means that every blog and channels is going to be about soup and hot coffee but what’s better than that? Have you ever tried iced coffee in winter? After a long day at office, we often find ourselves scrambling on how to even make these things in the first place. 

5 Quick and Delicious Iced Coffees

This article is going to give you three nice, easy and quick tricks and recipes on how to make an iced coffee.  

  1. Americano From The Best Espresso Machine Under 200 

Americano or iced espresso is one of the best ways to make quick cup of coffee from your espresso machine setup. All you need is a good coffee from your desired coffee brand, some ice and a glass. 

Es Kopi Susu (Iced Milk Coffee) Recipe - Indoindians.com

Since, it’s an iced coffee so the concentration in the start should be really thick in order to maintain the end result of your beverage. Usually, one-to-one dose of coffee shot is preferrable with 20 gm of espresso shot pulled for 28 seconds. 

It is also recommended to freeze the glass before off-setting espresso so that the heat waves off and the coffee remains cold. Once the americano is done, you can check the concentration and add more water in the end to dilute it according to your taste and preference. 

  1. Cold Brew

Massively popular and wonderfully low maintenance, cold brew coffee is an excellent way to show that you have plenty of coffee in large batches of concentration. One of the popular ways to make cold brew is to use Hario’s filter-in-bottle. Not only, they are a great standalone in making cold brew but they also serve as the perfect vessel for storage and serving. 

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee - Big Batch Method | Kitchn

With our recipe, we use 60 gm of coffee in 700 ml of water. First, we need to grind our coffee, we need relatively coarse grind similar to what you’d use in the French press. Not only it will give a good brew time but will also not give you a lot for settlement in the end of the process.  

Pour these grounds into the basket. Lock it into the lid and fill it up with 700 milliliters of water. Let it steep for 20 hours and in this way, you’ll have a fresh bottle of cold brew. This concentrated beverage is really strong but it’s a matter of one’s taste, whether you want to keep it concentrated or diluted. 

  1. AeroPress Ice Coffee

If you don’t have the best automatic espresso machine under 200, nothing beats the speed and flavors of the AeroPress iced coffee. For this recipe, you need 24 gm of medium ground coffee in 180 milliliters of water and 180 gm of ice. You can also use Fellowes Prizmo attachment, and start by attaching Prizmo to the AeroPress. 

How to Make AeroPress Cold Brew (Simple Recipe) - Coffee Affection

The metal filter in the Prizmo is fine but adding appear filter would never hurt. Now, we set our glass by adding 24 gm of coffee into the water. Once, the water is up to 200 degrees of Fahrenheit. Put the AeroPress on the top of our glass full of ice. Once the water reached 200 degrees, we start pouring in half of the water and set the timer for 30 seconds. 

At 30 seconds, get the grounds that are evenly saturated, then add rest of the water. Place the plunger gently on top. After 3 ½ – 4 minutes, press the AeroPress and into your glass gently. At last, stir your coffee well to make sure the flavors are evenly distributed.  

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